Remove Duplicate Lines

Online Duplicate Word Remover - A Free Online Tool To Remove Duplicate Words Text Lines/Sentences/Phrases. This tool helps to remove duplicate words lines, sentences and phrases from your text file. You need to paste your text file in the text field below to remove any duplicate content. This online duplicate words remover finds and removes duplicate lines from text files. Later you can copy the text and save it on your documents. This form can hold any large text range. So there’s no limit of words. Don’t bother if the form looks small to you, just copy the text and paste it into this form. It also capitalizes the first letter of the sentence once the duplicate lines are swept off. Remove duplicate lines from Word doc, PDF, bash, notepad++ or Linux.

Duplicate Line Removal Tool Online

Paste your text in the below text box and then click on the "Remove Duplicate Lines" button. The generated text with all duplicate lines removed will appear at the second text box. You can also sort generated output by clicking on the below radio buttons.

Sort By (Optional)

New Text with Duplicates Removed

Copy your newly modified text from the box below.

Just copy the text from your document file and paste it in the box. This free duplicate words remover will locate and remove plagiarizing lines from your text automatically. You will notice that the newly modified text has no duplicate lines, sentences or phrases. Whatever has been deleted will be shown in the box below.

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Remove Duplicate Lines" tool on The Free Converter is a practical solution for cleaning and organizing text. It's especially useful for coding, data analysis, content creation, and academic research. This tool not only removes redundant lines from your text but also sorts them, enhancing readability and structure. It's a valuable asset for anyone dealing with large volumes of text, ensuring error-free and streamlined content. Ideal for programmers, writers, and researchers, it simplifies the editing process, saving time and improving document quality. This tool embodies efficiency and accuracy, making text processing tasks more manageable.

Programmers, content creators, and data analysts find this tool invaluable for managing large text volumes, ensuring organized, duplication-free content.

After removing duplicates, the tool sorts the text to improve readability and management, making analysis and handling easier.