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Transform your Microsoft Word documents into ready-to-publish HTML pages with our free online Word to HTML converter. Whether you need to put your Word content on the web or embed it into an existing site, this tool makes the process quick and easy.

Simply copy the contents of your .doc or .docx file and let our converter do the rest. In just seconds, you'll have clean, standards-compliant HTML code that preserves your document's original formatting and layout. No need to manually copy-paste text or reformat - our tool handles it all automatically.

Our online word doc tool will also strip out unnecessary word formatting and the clutter that you see when you copy the word doc content directly into HTML editor. It gives you clean HTML that you can on your website or wordpress blog. Do not copy contents from Word doc into your WordPress editor as this will create lot of gibberish HTML into your WordPress editor. To fix this issue, first copy your HTML content into our free online Word doc to HTML converter and then get the clean HTML which you can use into your WordPress editor.

The Word to HTML converter supports a wide range of document types, from simple text-based files to complex layouts with tables, images, and more. Privacy and security are guaranteed, with all uploaded files processed securely and auto-deleted after conversion. 

Try our Word to HTML converter now and simplify your document publishing workflow. Transform Word docs to web-ready HTML in seconds, for free!

Word Doc to HTML Converter

Copy and Paste the contents of your Microsoft Word DOC or DOCX into the below editor and then click on the "Convert Word Doc to HTML" button to generate your HTML.

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Looking to convert a Microsoft Word document into HTML? Our free online Word to HTML converter makes it quick and easy. Simply upload your Word .doc or .docx file, and within seconds you'll have the equivalent HTML code ready to use on a website.

Whether you need to publish a Word document online, or embed parts of a Word file into an existing web page, this tool provides a seamless conversion process. No need to copy-paste text and manually reformat - our converter preserves your document's original structure and formatting as much as possible.

The generated HTML code is clean and well-organized, using standard HTML tags and inline CSS for styling. You have the flexibility to copy the full HTML page code, or just the HTML content to insert into the body of an existing page. The converter supports common Word formatting like headings, paragraphs, lists, tables, links, images, and more.

Our Word to HTML converter is built to handle a wide range of document types and complexity. From simple text-only docs to richly formatted reports with tables and images, you can expect excellent conversion results. The tool is continuously improved to support the latest Word formats and produce high quality, standards-compliant HTML.

Privacy and security are top priorities. All file processing happens on our secure servers and uploaded documents are automatically deleted after conversion. We never store or share your data. You can feel confident converting even sensitive business or personal documents.

Using the Word to HTML converter couldn't be easier. No signup is required and you don't need to install any software. Just select your Word document, click convert, and you'll have your HTML code in seconds. For batch conversion of multiple Word files at once, check out our affordable paid plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Word to HTML converter supports both .doc and .docx formats. These are the most common extensions for Microsoft Word documents. The .docx extension is used by Word 2007 and later, while .doc was used by earlier versions.

The converter provides two options for the HTML code:
  1. The full page HTML which includes the <html>, <head> and <body> tags. Use this if you want a complete webpage.
  2. Just the content HTML to be inserted into the <body> of an existing page. Use this to embed the Word HTML into a page you've already created.
Simply copy the HTML code and paste it into your HTML file or web publishing platform.

Yes, your files and data are completely secure. All uploaded files are processed on our servers and automatically deleted immediately after conversion. We do not store, share, or use your documents or data in any way. Your privacy is guaranteed.